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Vanishing Landmarks is one of our websites and based off a website of the same name.  Before we controlled the domain name a fellow by the name of Donald W. Lamont.  He traveled across the province and other provinces taking photos of grain elevators and creating the website in it's basic form.  However in 2002, we were notified by his family (as we had contributed to his website) that he had passed away.  Knowing that his website and photos would be lost forever, we went and saved all the photos he took from the website before it was shut down.

Skip a few years down the road we finally got around to organizing all the photographs and started developing the current Vanishing Landmarks website.  With luck, the domain name was not registered to anyone anymore so we registered this in the summer of 2010 and went forward.  Using Don's photos as the primary base of photos (there are a lot), we created the base of the website.  We then started taking photos and adding our own photos to the cause as well as saving photos from other locations (giving credit of course) and adding them to the website.

The website features a google map showing where the elevator stands or once stood, the lineage of owners if available, the photographer's name, date it was demolished and built, the last known manager and more information.  The website also features Facebook comments for each elevator and support for multiple photos for each elevator.  This is an ongoing project for myself and keeps me entertained when I get around to it.  Also, Vanishing Landmarks is on Facebook and has a small following. Be sure to visit it and like our page!!

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