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Project Description was our very first online store and was created for hard working university students to list and sell their textbooks online.  I got the idea while going to the University of Saskatchewan and seeing poster board filled up with ads trying to sell used textbooks.  I personally hated standing there looking through all the papers to find textbooks, hense UTexts was born.  The name is a shorten version of "University Textbooks" and the lastest version featured PayPal payments to sell the textbook, a messaging system and more features to help get rid of the textbooks.  Developing a website of this scale while taking 5 university classes was a monumental task (any university student could agree).

The saddest part of is it never caught ground.  Despite advertising all around the University of Saskatchewan in 2004, 2005 and 2006.  Launched in 2004 the website stood still and has gathered dust, but is still functional and still features one textbook (mine) for sale.  In today's web standards it's extremly out of date and we have in our mind we're going to re-develop the website.  However due to time constraints with other projects, this just hasn't happened.

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